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    RAM Preview Skipping 20-30 Frames.


      RE: Twitter discussion with @AdobeCare


      OK so, ever since updating to the latest AE CC version, RAM preview seems to be having issues with playback:


      It consistently skips 20-30 frames of video/animation before catching up. Audio (if it exists) will play-back as normal during a RAM Preview. When RAM Previewing, the scrub-head visually stalls, and then jumps ahead to when the animation/video will resume playing as normal/correctly. The option to "skip frames" in the RAM Preview box is set to 0. Also, to be clear this has only been happening since updating AE CC.


      A brief discussion with other viewers during the weekly greyscalegorilla live show revealed a few others have been having the same issue.


      As far as system specs: I've got 2 month old iMac with 16gigs of RAM, running OS X Yosemite, no system updates available.


      I can get you more system specs on Monday 12/1, however I'm now home for the holiday weekend (this is an office machine that is having issues).


      Thanks very much!