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    How to cut between clips?


      I'm not sure how to cut between two clips in a sequence.


      I uploaded a screencast documenting my frustrations: http://youtu.be/gIMspPJxXF4



      After uploading and carefully reading Cutting Two Camera Shoot and watching Multicamera Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 - YouTube which is slightly outdated since Multicamera UI is now hidden in the Program monitor settings, I did manage to make an edit that switches between my GoPro of my head and my screencast. But I did find the whole "Multicamera" process a bit long winded. Am I missing a trick?


      Furthermore on the same sequence I found it impossible to apply a Fade to white transition to both the screencast and video of my head at the same time. Maybe I'm not versed in selections.

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          DMH79 Level 2

          Wow, that was confusing watching those videos. There's a couple ways to quickly set up and run a multicam switch in PPro CC 2014 but here's how I do it:


          1) Sync up your clips. Align them how you want either using plural eyes or just do your own visual/audio sync (premiere has it's own audio sync which you can google how it works but I've found it not 100% accurate)

          2) Hold down ALT and select only the video clips you want to cut between.

          3) Right click on those highlighted clips and select NEST

          4) That creates one nested clip on video track 1. (Because of the way I do this it still leaves the audio visible from all the cameras/sources below so they can be accessed right on that timeline.) Now right-click on that nested video track and select MULTICAM>Enable.

          5) Now go to the PROGRAM window/panel and hit the + button on the bottom right. You'll see one icon that looks like windows, drag that out to the project panel so it stays visible always.

          6) Click on that little window icon (if you hover over it, it should say multicam window or something like that). Now you'll see all the cameras at once and also another window that shows what camera is "live". It's ALL in the Program window now ever since the last few versions of Premiere.

          7) Basically just hit play and start clicking on those little camera windows in that program monitor/panel as the video plays and it will record all your cuts. When you hit stop or pause, you'll then see all those cuts populate your video track. Done super easy.

          8) To change a cut after you've stopped the playback you can bring the play head over the clip you want changed and then just click on the camera window that you want to change it to. Also, using the "n" or nudge tool helps you drag the cut or edit points forward or back in time.


          Hope that helps! Enjoy!

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            kaihendry Level 1

            Hey, thanks for the reply and your hopefully less convoluted way that starting a new sequence (which works)...


            For some unknown reason the nested clips don't show up on the Program monitor. No idea why!


            I've created another screencast that hopefully points out I've made a silly mistake:



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              DMH79 Level 2


              Almost had it. First off you don't need to unlink the clips to isolate just the video or just the audio. Remember to hold down ALT and then select the video and it will highlight only the video and not the linked audio tracks.  Okay, aside from that, you were very close...You see on your left side of the timeline you have a box that says V1 and if you hover over the V1 on the right it says "track targeting..." Right now you have Track V1 targeted which is normal. That's fine, but your nested multicam clip is on track 2. So you can either bring it down to track #1 or deselect targeting for track 1 and select only V2 to target track 2 and then the multicam window will appear as it should. So close. Happy Editing!

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                kaihendry Level 1

                Thanks! Finally I got there and I made one more screencast to hopefully help others: How to cut between clips with Premiere Pro 8 aka multicam edit screencast - YouTube