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    can't activate Premiere Elements 12


      Hello everyone.


      First things first. My operating system is Windows 8 (and I have a perfectly working internet connection)

      Now the problem:

      When I'm starting Premiere a window opens with the following text (translated from german):


      "login required


      you need to login to your adobe ID within 5 days and register Adobe Premiere Elements 12. otherwise the product can't be used anymore."


      On the bottom right of the window is a "login" button. When I press it a message appears (also translated from german):


      "connect to the internet and try again


      the computer is offline or the clock on your computer is set wrong by what a connection error is caused. A connection to the internet is required. please connect to the internet or set your clock to the correct time then try again. If the problem still isn't solved please write the Support."


      What I tried:


      I changed the time manually.

      I synchronised the time to all the different website I could choose (for example: time. windows. com)

      And went to the support site (seems like this often is an issue) and went through all the solutions but none of them worked.


      Two more Information, that may be important:

      I purchased a lot of other programs from adobe and they work fine. I can connect to my adobe ID without any problems.


      If something is unclear (because of my bad translation skills) just ask.


      Thank you for your help!