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    Spanned DSLR Files Don't Merge


      I have simple video assets from 3 camera sources – a Canon Vixia Video Camera, a Canon T4i DSLR, and a Canon T5i DSLR. All 3 sources contain continuous yet spanned video clips of 2 each. Premiere Pro CC2014 should see each set of the 2 spanned clips from each of the cameras as a single continuous clip per camera. However, upon import, the 2 spanned Vixia clips are seen correctly as a single clip but the clips from the other 2 cameras (T4i and T5i) import as 4 individual clips.


      I am confident I have transferred the folder structures from each camera’s data cards correctly to my hard drive, thus ensuring all Meta data remained intact so that Premiere can auto-merge all spanned clips. But it does not do it for the media from the 2 DSLR cameras.


      Sure I could sequence them on the timeline, but that won’t work given my goal is to first run them through the Multi-Camera Sequencer from the Source Monitor first. To do that, the timeline needs to remain empty.


      Any help as to why Canon DSLR spanned clips are ignored by Premiere would be much appreciated.