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    How do you use a Combo Box Export value to determine the visability of another field

    Wokkabilly Level 1

      Hi all,


      Struggling to create a form that has 1 combo box and 2 text fields. Based on the selection in the combo box I want the 2 fields to be either visible or hidden.

      The Combo Box has 4 choices, 2 should show the text fields 2 should hide the text fields.  I set the export value on each choice to be either "1" or "0".


      txtChild1 & txtChild2 are the Text Fields

      cboRelatStat is the Combo Box


      Placed code in the Combo box Keystroke but as yet no success.


      var cDisp = this.getField("txtChild1")

      var cWrite = this.getField ("txtChild2")


      if (event.changeEX == "1") {

      cDisp.hidden = false

      cWrite.hidden = false


      else if(event.changeEX == "0") {

      cDisp.hidden = true

      cWrite.hiden = true