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    need help with an installation problem


      Hello folks,

      I've been  using Flash Player since the beginning of time without the slightest difficulty until this week when I was asked repeatedly to install Flash,  even as I contentedly watched any and

      all video clips. Finally the videos refused to run and I had to download it.

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          mgbinnehaw Level 1

          Sorry folks - hit the wrong key!!

          The installation went fine up to presentation of the installer screen - at which point the process froze completely blank, and proved very difficult to kill. I've tried everything short of a 12-bore to persuade it to continue the installation.

          I've perused threads until I'm sick of reading them.

          The following shows Firefox Add-ons screen:


          I don't know where/from the hell the two Adobe apps came from because the Installer never worked.

          I am using a home desktop PC, Win7 Ult. 64 bit, all items in the PC are up to date. The only recent change I can think of is a new version of Firefox was automatically installed last week.

          I'd be very grateful for some useful advice and suggestions to fix this xxxxxxx,


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            pwillener Level 8

            All you should see is Shockwave Flash under Plugins: