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    Media Pending PP CC 2014

    DerekD078 Level 1

      Hi, When i open PP CC 2014 it opens my workspace and my recent file. But no preview. It only says 'MEDIA PENDING' on a yellow screen. I know hwat it means, had it earlier, but this time it won't go away and show the sequence preview. 1 out 10 times when i reopen PP it wil show, but will freeze after a few moments..



      The file is just below 3 minutes with medium effects/edits. Audio still rolls while playing.

      Rendered. Didn't worked.

      Media Cache deleted. Didn't worked.

      Also tried to work on the file in PP CC. But it can't open (newer edition).



      I have to finish the project before saturday. Is there something i can do about it?

      Oe maybe a little trick that make the file open in PP CC?