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    "The Foundry" CAMERATRACKER crash


      I'm not sure if anyone uses this plugin, but if anyone does I'd like some help from you.


      It solves the scene with no problems, and everything related to that, but when I remove the "trackers" (?) that have a high error rate, and then I try and refresh the value from the menu, after effects crashes saying "Crashed while invoking effect plug-in Cameratracker(1.0)" or something like that. It's extremely frustrating, and considering that it has been a great plugin since I bought it it's also a real hassle when I'm trying to make other projects.



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          We can't know. You have not provided any system information, not told us what version of AE, no comp settings, no details about your footage and so on. Also there have been several bugfix updates to the Cameratracker and you will need to tell us the exact version or actualyl install those updated versions in the first place.