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    Link on a flash banner

    EvaMartin Level 1

      Hello !

      As a beginner at Flash, I encounter my first difficulty ... I want to create a banner, linked on all its surface to an Url.

      I created a transparent button on a special layer a the top, and converted it as a button, before applying it the "click to go to web page" action.


      Whenever i load the scene by "ctrl enter", to test on the flash software itself, everything is ok, but I need my scene to be exported on a swf file, and when i do so, and launch it on Chrome or Filezilla, it apears, runs correctly, but there is no action when i click on the banner.

      Can anybody help me, please ?


      I'm sorry if the answer is hidden somewhere, but i Couldn't find it.

      Excuse me also if my message is not in a good english, I'm French so do not hesitate to ask if anything is not clear.


      Thank you all !!!


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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you show the code you are using that might help narrow down what the problem could be.

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            EvaMartin Level 1

            Here it is :


            button_2.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, fl_ClickToGoToWebPage);



            function fl_ClickToGoToWebPage(event:MouseEvent):void


              navigateToURL(new URLRequest("http://www.adobe.com"), "_blank");


            As I said, it works fine when tested in the software itselfs, but seems disabled when tested on a navigator (IE, Chrome, Filezilla ...) But the more I ask myself the question, the more I wonder : maybe it's normal ? Maybe it's the guy that will integrate the ad that will place the link ?? Thx for taking time to help newbies

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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The code looks okay.


              You are right, the test environment plays a role in testing links for Flash files.  Have you tried testing it with the swf embedded in an html page?  Have you tried testing it on a server?

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                EvaMartin Level 1

                Arrrg ! I'm so bad at web stuff ... I've been trying but apparently I can't embed the swf file on my website, because of a security that prevent me from uploading it on my FTp... and it definitely exeeds my abilities with websites


                I think I may have to give a first try to my customer and then wait for his webmaster to tell me if the file is OK or not ... Not very professional, though :/


                (little precision : my real job are graphisms and drawings, but a customer asked me to put my graphism on a swf file, with a simple "blink effect" and an url ... no choice on that one, but I'm perfectly conscious that this will not be my job. Never. Thank to you guys that make our word look brighter with all those animated stuff, I bow down ... my world is definitely the one of paper drawing and photoshop & Illustrator  tricks ! )


                Thank you, if you have a solution to embed the file somewhere, it would be nice but i don't want to bother ...