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    "Standard 3D module is missing" during startup


      Can someone help me?


      I was going to start after effects like usual, but this dialog box:

      Screenshot (61).png

      appeared, this is the first time i get that dialog box, so i freaked out. I press the 'OK' button then this:

      Screenshot (62).png

      appeared! I don't see this in ALL forums, threads, and sites i have read so far. I gave up searching and post this my self.

      Could i be the only one who experienced this problem?

      How to fix it?


      Although my other 3D application works fine (Cinema 4D)


      This is what i have done abnormally before launching (i am sure these will not affect anything):

      -Pin to start AE CC

      -Changed appearance

      -Defragmented C: and D:

      -Cleaned System Junk

      -Full Scanned


      I have done nothing yet to fix this problem, i hope i get responded soon. Tell me if you have the same problem.