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    Notebook Graphic Cards


      Hi all,


      i need a bit advice...


      Currently i'm looking for a new Notebook. I need to work with Adobe After Effect, Premiere Pro and Photoshop (CC 2014).


      I'm a bit confused about the graphical chipsets.


      Which Chipset supports the nVidia cuda engine (recommendation)


         nVidia QUADRO K1100

         nVidia QUADROK2100 

         nVidia GeForce GTX 860M

         nVidia GeForce GT 750M


      CPU i7 (4gen.), RAM: 16 - 32 GB, SSD


      Did anyone have some recommendation of a notebook model?

      Currently i'm looking at HP OMEN, Dell Precision M3800 or LENOVO

      The notebook should not be to havy... Price limit is 3.500 EUR.


      Thank you