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    how do i rotate the shape


      how do i rotate the image in draw

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          Frank Stokes-Guinan Adobe Employee

          You can rotate individual layers. Tap on the layers icon in the tool panel. Then tap on the "..." button on the layer you want to rotate. Tap on the transform button (the one with the 4-arrow icon). This will put the app in "transform mode." Here, you can rotate, move, and scale the layer. When you have it the way you want, tap the OK button.


          Hope that helps,


          Draw Engineering

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            Vonster Level 1

            How is hiding such basic functionality as rotate 2 clicks deep in Adobe Draw better than how it was handled in Adobe Ideas? This really makes the process a whole lot slower. Why not put that functionality right there in the base tool bar or at the very least give users the choice to add it to the forefront tools so we don't have to go clicking through the equivalent of sub-menus. It's a waste of time.


            Further more losing the arrows to undo from the tool bar and replacing that functionality with a two finger swipe is also slower. If you want any level of precision you use a stylus to draw with, so please once again give the user the choice to add those in through a pref setting because it's faster to click with the stylus than it is to swipe with two fingers when you're holding a stylus. And attempting to do it with your non-dominant hand means you'll keep accidentally drawing a line so it actually makes the whole process slower.


            Also removing the ability to email a simple PDF is just a step backwards. Your twitter account said that will be coming back but who is the genius that thought that was a smart move to lose that functionality? I use that literally all the time when I use Adobe Ideas. So the sooner the better on getting that back.


            And lastly your iconography for the tools. Be a bit more literal to communicate better. For example your erase tool I thought was an empty zone I could some how create and save my own nib too. (That is functionality that would be cool BTW) So the icon was a huge fail since that is suppose to be an eraser. Make it look like an eraser. This is UX 101. Give users the choice to add the eraser to the tool palette so it's a quicker access, you know like reality the eraser is always right there when you're drawing it's not filed away in a cup with my other pens.


            Send to Illustrator is pretty brilliant. That is working very well.

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              you can only 'flip'...not rotate?

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                Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

                Hi Zoe,


                You can rotate a layer selection by tapping the Transform icon in the Layers menu then rotating the selection with two fingers within the object.


                Let me know if I'm misunderstanding.



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                  zoeslife22 Level 1

                  Yep. Makes sense. Worked it out. Awesome. Thanks.


                  Kind Regards,



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                    Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)



                    Great. Glad everything's working.