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    no Audio via Blackmagic when using Blackmagic Sequence Presets

    Peter231 Level 1

      Hallo Everyone,


      I'm using Premiere 5 on Win7/64Bit with a Blackmagic Decklink using the latest drivers (10.3.1).


      When i use the Blackmagic Sequence Presets, i have perfect video but no audio. When I'm scrubbing through the timeline, i can see the Audio meters showing a signal, but when i press play, there is no audio visible and audible. The clips definitely contain audio, i also tried it with the testtone generated by Premiere.

      When i make a new sequence (in the same project) and using other presets (non Blackmagic-Presets), then i have audio, but no video (which is clear to me). Audio out via Blackmagic is also working in any other Windows Software.


      I reinstalled the Production Premium Bundle and reinstalled the Blackmagic drivers afterwards, but nothing helped.


      I appreciate any suggestions.