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    Gap between pages


      I have a document with pages on spreads. I want to have a gap between the pages. It is for a set of cards and I need some space around it for the bleed. I found out I have to use the page tool for this. However the x value is greyed out so I'm not able to adjust this. How can I fix this?





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          Danny Whitehead. Level 4

          If it's a set of cards, do you really need the document to be set up as facing pages? If not, just go to File - Document Setup and uncheck Facing Pages.

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            bernet Level 1

            Thanks for your answer Danny.

            Yes I do need it to like facing pages.

            It's a set with a lot of cards and each front and back side is different.

            So I want the front and back of each card in a spread.

            I just can't figure out why it wont work, it should be possible!

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              Increase the page size in document setup to include the bleed area and an additional area for crop marks, then add the marks manually to the master pages. You can set the margins to represent the trim size of the cards for convenience, or to represent the "safe area," and add other ruler guides if they will help.

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                winterm Level 5

                turn off Allow Document Pages to Shuffle (in Pages palette)

                turn off Facing Pages (in Document Setup)

                your pages still stay in spreads (but not really 'facing')

                select left page of the spread

                select Page tool

                now x value is active, you can adjust location (for each spread), i.e., move pages apart from each other to make room for inner bleeds

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                  Ellis home Level 4

                  Have you tried right clicking on the text frame and then Text Frame Options/Inset Spacing?

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                    vinny38 Level 4

                    Another suggestion: don't use spreads for your document.

                    Then create a new innd document with facing pages and import your PDF into them. So you can preview your work.


                    Another trick would be to set up your master page like with 3 facing pages.

                    Select the inside page in the Master page panel, and set up a personalized size (at least twice the value of the bleed).

                    This is definitely not a very orthodox way and you might encounter difficulties when creating 3 new pages:

                    if you allow redistribution, only 2 pages will face, if you don't, they'll face the previous ones...

                    Drag and drop all 3 together will do the trick.

                    InDesign Help | Managing pages and spreads

                    OR create 3 different masters, one for front, one for back, one for gap (with smaller width). Better way if you need different master for Front and Back cards.

                    Both ways: main problem will be exporting: you'll need to be careful not to export the "gap" pages... That will be a hassle.

                    Anyhow, it's a trick, not a solution really...


                    Edit : while I was writing all this, many suggestions have been sent... better than mine (I could delete it but I just leave for information purpose)

                    However please note you might also encounter difficulties:

                    Peter's old school solution is fine but, your printer might not like "artificial" crop marks. If you use this solution, make sure his imposition software don't make a mess...

                    Winterm's one is just what you were looking for I guess. I just hope you don't have 2 x 500 cards to create otherwise, it will take long time to set up every set of cards..

                    Sorry I didn't understand Ellis' answer...

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                      bernet Level 1

                      Thanks, that does the trick!