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    Panorama, html5

    AkeWall-h17Vmt Level 1

      I made a 360º panorama in a folio (DPS). It is made with Pano2VR exported as HTML 5. Placed in InDesign with the web overlay panel  and It works great.


      Now I trying to do the same in EPUB3. I can not get it to work.

      Can you insert your own HTML files (not OEM) in Indesign?


      or are there other ways to get panoramas into EPUB3?



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          pooja2087 Adobe Employee

          Hi AkeWall,


          Folio overlays are not supported in EPUB. The only way to pass HTML content to EPUB is via HTML object in InDesign. Goto Object->Insert HTML. In the dialog that opens up, paste the HTML code you want to embed and press OK.

          These HTML objects are only supported in EPUB as of now.