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    Lightroom adjustments are lost on TIFF file when sending to Photoshop


      Lightroom version: 5.7

      Photoshop version: CC 2014


      When I send a TIFF image to Photoshop and use Edit Original, the changes made from Lightroom are lost.


      Example: I change the TIFF to black and white by pressing 'v' on my keyboard. I then press Cmd-E and choose 'Edit Original' so I can change the text on a layer in the TIFF. As soon as Photoshop opens, the image loses its Lightroom changes. To be clear, I understand that the Lightroom changes won't be seen in Photoshop but I see the changes being lost right in the Library module of Lightroom as the file is being passed off.


      How do I fix this?


      I can't afford to lose any more hours due to this horrible bug.