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    problem with installing AFP/single istance error


      Hello everybody, today i was trying to install Adobe Flash Player on my PC, but i failed.


      I use Google Chrome and Firefox as my favourite browsers, and i found out this problem while trying to open a game that needed AFP with Firefox.

      When i saw that i needed to install that again (i already have the AFP plug in on Chrome) i clicked on the "automatically download" button of Firefox, but it showed me this message: "Impossible to download automatically". So i opened Adobe site to download that manually, and i've tried to launch the .exe to install that. And here comes the problem. Even now that i'm typing, i'm waiting to see the installing window, and if i try to click on the installer again, it shows a message like this: "Only a single istance of this application can run".


      I clicked on the installation guide link, and i followed the instructions of the guide, but these didn't help me with solving my problem. I even saw that if i open task manager, the installation app is not shown, and i only find something about the installer on the "processes" window (install_flashplayer15x32_mssd_aaa_aih.exe).


      My PC is an ASPIRE 5552G that runs Windows 7, no updates to install.


      I hope that somebody can help me, and i ask you to excuse me if i didn't write in a good english, but that's just the best that i can do