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    HDV footage won't play smoothly in CC


      I found my question on the forum and I'm having the same problem too, this is very frustrating.  Once in a While it's necessary to use HDV footage (i wish i didn't have to, but...) "When playing the HDV footage, it freezes in the preview window and in the sequence too, until I hit stop it will jump to that point in the clip. If I lay just the audio clip play it plays perfectly (me too). The settings and loading is accurate to the project. Frame rate 29.97/ 1440x1080. I have imported these clips in CS6 which play flawlessly (in the past this was not a problem) but not in CC."

      Please fix this problem or lets find a work around... this project is heavy based on HDV shot in 2011 - this will happen every so often - we're still going to need to get the job done.

      thank you

      Layne & Devorah