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    Disk caching and multi processing

    SiliconPixel Level 1

      I'm pretty sure this is a bug or 'limitation' that's been plaguing me for quite a while. I thought I'd check with others first before reporting it (of course it may already have been reported).


      When previewing with multi processing turned on, if I interupt the preview and then perform any action before the render bar has filled with green (or blue), the cache is lost and if I then preview again, everything is rendered again. I.e. the previously rendered frames are not cached.


      Most frustrating when I've just waited 10 minutes for a section to render preview and then simply zoom the timeline out a bit - all gone!


      So does anyone else see this?





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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Without proper system info, details about your preferences, comp settings, effects used and whatnot, nobody can say anything. you haven't even mentioned your version of AE. The behavior as such is not "as designed" and therefore abnormal.



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            SiliconPixel Level 1

            I'm not looking for specific troubleshooting, hence system details weren't relevant to my query - only whether anybody has generally seen issues with multi processing and cached frames not being remembered?


            I'm on AE CC 2014.1 latest version. Behaviour happens no matter how much ram I assign to each MP process and how many I can get working.


            System is an Intel i7 6 core with HT, 24GB Win 8.1 Cache drive is Samsung 840 Pro and I have various other drives including a RAID array for video assets etc. Not sure if anything else is relevant.