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    Export Variable or Advance Action Documentation?

    Jonathon Isham



      I am finishing up a project and my boss is wanting documentation of what I have done so that other people in the agency can continue the work after I transition to another job. Understandable, by my CP8 project has over 50 variables and 30+ Advanced interactions to make it function like a proprietary piece of software that my company uses.


      I know I can export text captions and the like (and I will), but s there a way to export the variable list? I have documented what the variables are used for in the comment section of each of the variables, but I really don't want to have to copy and paste every single one. I am also looking for a way to export the list of Advanced (and shared) actions. I don't need all the code, but it would be good to grab the names of the advanced and shared actions so I can document what they do.


      I will probably be printing out the "advanced interactions" manager (listing what Advanced or shared action is assignment to what object on the slide), but I'm looking for a way to grab a list of variables used (with their comments)  and the names of the advanced actions.


      Any ideas?