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    Director 3D for mobile using OpenGL ES

    tedalde2 Level 2
      OpenGL ES is OpenGL for "embedded systems"... mobile devices, consoles, etc. Wouldn't it be great to author 3D for mobile with Director?? Or maybe not...? Info on OpenGL ES:

      Flash can currently publish to the BREW platform... It would probably take a lot of work to get Shockwave-Director to do the same thing including 3D. And then there's the cost and barriers to mobile publishing... it's probably not realistic for the next release considering comments already made by Adobe.

      So would anyone use Director-3D-mobile? I certainly could find some use for it.
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          Charles Parcell Level 1
          I think the biggest barrier is hardware to handle true 3D on a mobile device.

          I am not sure if you were aware, but there was a Shockwave player built for the AMD PIC product. It was a custom implementation but it paved the way to possibly build additional version of the player for other mobile devices.

          I suggest you enter the feature request by following the link in my sig.