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    Output Module Template missing - AE CS5

    VictorVector Level 1

      Recently installed After Effects CS5 -- on every startup of the program, I get an error message:


      "You have at least one output module template that refers to a missing output plug-in. Please check your Output Module Templates." Accepting this prompt leads to another:


      "Adobe After Effects CS5 would like to make changes. Please type your [admin] password to allow this." Which I do, which leads the program to:


      "Installing Additional File Formats and Effects" -- which takes up to 6 minutes per startup to finish (a pretty debilitating delay to my overall workflow). Once this installation is complete, and I try to open a project, it says:


      "After Effects has installed additional file formats and effects. Would you like to quit After Effects so they are available?" But quitting and restarting AE CS5 only goes back to the start of this whole process over again.


      How do I solve this, and get out of the infinite loop? Thanks for any suggestions!