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    Word document w/images in RGB pasted into InD CS5

    bluecd Level 1



      Working in InDesign CS5 some problem occured: I have received from 3rd party  doc in Word w/embedded images(a lot ((( and text, the images are RGB defined.

      Now as printing preprocess(finally to PDF) I need to format/create whole document in Indesign CS5 but I got to have the images in CMYK instead of RGB while still

      having text black, w/out CMYK profile - could anybody advice 'politically correct' approach to such problem ? ))


      Thanx in advance!




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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you export to the right PDF export, RGB can be converted to CMYK on the fly (for example, PDF/X1). Otherwise, Acrobat Pro has tools for converting Word RGB color to CMYK.


          But check with your printer: If they have a newer RIP, they may be able to the conversion as part of their RIP processing.

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            Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

            Images in InDesign are to be placed as RGB.


            But I see other problems with your document. You should never embed images in InDesign, it is better to place and link them.

            The other problem is, that Word provides you with a worse image as it could be, often, in most cases (it depends if the creator has imported the images via copy & past, which is not recommended or with the correct insert image command) Word saves the original used image inside the document. You can save your Word document as HTML file (there are several commands, use the most extended version) it will save the original image as separate file. In Bridge you can see resolution and size easily. Use the better image of each and place it in InDesign. If these images have no color profile, apply sRGB to them.


            Conversion to a output color space, in your case CMYK, should not be done before PDF export, better later.