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    Exported font problem

    Ike Cronin Level 1

      When I export a file into PDF or SWF, the font is the same, but  looks kind of thicker. Does anyone have an idea what's happening?

      Indesign export.jpg

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          Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

          In the sample you provide, not only is the text “thicker” but so is the horizontal line above the text.


          Not only that, but the size of the contents is “larger” when displayed in Acrobat. Adjust the display viewing percentages to be exactly the same and see whether there is still an issue. 


                    - Dov

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            Ike Cronin Level 1

            No, it really is thicker.  When I change the font from 11-14 it all scales down nicely in ID, but when exported, the text is always thick in PDF.

            And yes, the line is also thicker, but I really didn't watch it's behavior during those 20-30 exports I tried.

            Here is the pic with  ID:Acrobat=1:1  as good as I could.


            Indesign export.jpg

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              Ike Cronin Level 1

              If it means anything I've also noticed this. Up we have an example of a simple paragraph of text, and down is the same paragraph during editing.

              It looks like to me that PDF letters are of same weight as InDesign letters during paragraph editing.

              Indesign editing text.jpg

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                arturvahe Level 1

                Could you try tom make pdf with Adobe pdf Printer. It maybe solves your problem

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                  Ike Cronin Level 1


                  Tried, no use.



                  More I read about this I think it's an Acrobat problem. I tried messing with it's preferences like 'Smooth Line Art' and 'Enhance Thin Lines' but couldn't match it.

                  I did just get a successful (with right font weight) SWF when I checked 'Rasterize Pages' box.

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                    Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

                    Could you tell us a bit more about your document's contents?


                    Is there any transparency on the page? Is the text overlayed by something else such as a 100% black with transparency set to 5%, for example? Or is the text anywhere near objects with transparency?


                    Otherwise, providing us with a sample InDesign document showing this issue would be helpful.


                              - Dov

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                      Ike Cronin Level 1

                      Yes there is a semi-transparent layer, but it is below text, and the effect exists even when I turn it off.

                      Now, after some experimentation I think it's got something to do with this menu:


                      ID Paragraph Style.jpg


                      I was putting some font weight, but it doesn't seem to do it right.


                      Even though you set Weight of (for example) Cyan stroke to zero, unless you click on 'None' in the upper menu, there seems to be a thin (almost invisible) cyan outline in exported PDF when Acrobat is set to 'Enhance Thin Lines'


                      ID stroke1.jpg


                      If you have had the same Fill and Stroke color for the font, even though the Stroke is set to zero, you will have a major difference in PDF document looks. This is the same document with with 'Enhance Thin Lines' set ON and OFF:


                      ID Arobat settings.jpg


                      The effect is prominent for thin lines and is bad for font weight set below 1 pt.