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    Which component to use?

    eTJC Level 1
      I would like to have a container (similar to the TitleWindow?) that I can place multiple controls inside of (textinputs, buttons, etc). I would like this TitleWindow-type container to have a Minimize button in the title area so the user can collapse the container to gain more room on the page. Is there a control that does this for free? The TitleWindow has a close button but no minimize. I am trying to place several of these collopsible-type contains stack on top of each other and the user can minimize one or 2 of them and restore the other ones. This is similar to Google's Personal Page where you can minimize some of your personal content.

      Also, I would like the containers under the container that was just minimized to move up on the page. Is there an example somewhere of this?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!