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    Problems buying the Photography Package through Amazon


      I tried to take advantage of Amazon's Black Friday promotion on the $9.99 photography package but have encountered nothing but roadblocks:

      1) I ordered it through Amazon and got a confirmation/welcome email from Amazon

      2) 30 minutes later, I got a second email from Amazon, saying that the subscription had been cancelled and that I had been refunded

      3) In calling Amazon, I was told that the payment/subscription went through without a problem, but that their system showed that Adobe had cancelled the subscription. It was suggested that I try again.

      4) I did, and experienced the identical sequence of events

      5) I had a frustrating 39-minute chat with support. The first rep never seemed to understand the issue. The second rep promised to look into it, but couldn't promise to have it resolved before the Amazon promotion ended.

      6) The chat crashed and the transcript has no case ID on it, so I have no way of knowing whether the issue is being escalated...other than starting a new chat, which I don't have the energy or patience to do.


      I will call Amazon again (they asked me to if the problem recurred), but I'm now reconsidering even bothering with either Adobe or CC.

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          Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

          I'm sorry to hear that you've had issues ordering via Amazon.  Please contact Amazon for further assistance and they should be able to escalate if there is an issue.  I'm afraid our support team would not be able to assist with Amazon order issues.


          Kind regards



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            algonquin Level 1

            Thanks for your prompt response, Bev.


            The issue has already been escalated by Amazon, which, frankly, seems to have a much more helpful and engaged customer service staff than Adobe does, if my experience so far is any indication. I spent 40 minutes in chat yesterday with two Adobe reps, with no discernible result, other than frustration, which is why I posted here. I spent most of my time with the first rep, who never seemed to have a clear idea what I was talking about. The person s/he passed me on to had a better grasp of the issue but promised only that he would pass my concern on. Before that could be confirmed, the chat session crashed. And although I'd had the foresight to request a transcript, the transcript itself did not include the case number, so I had no way of renewing the session, nor was I prepared to start again from scratch.


            Here's the difference between Amazon customer service and Adobe's: Amazon immediately took ownership of the issue and promised to stay in contact with me until it was resolved. Adobe barely understood what I was talking about and took no ownership whatsoever of the issue. Clearly, it's neither strictly an "Amazon issue" nor is it strictly an "Adobe issue." Amazon took the order, but Adobe cancelled twice. Any resolution, however it is arrived at, will involve communication between the two companies. That Adobe was not prepared to initiate that contact suggests that if I ever do get the CC subscription going, I should not expect stellar customer service or support from the company.


            All in all, my experience with Adobe was profoundly disappointing.