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    Crash after render

    NimChimpski Level 1


      I have recently migrated to a new PC:


      i7-5930K @3.5GHz

      Gigbyte GA-X99-UD4 Rev1

      32 gig DDR4

      Nvidia K4000


      Software Raid 0 3 x 1TB SSD

      Cache SSD 1TB


      My previous was stable if not slow but I am having a few teething troubles.

      I have a project that I started with dynamic linking to Premiere  - mostly green screens.

      The linking was good to start as I could get the characters into the edit and see how they were placed but the linking became too burdensome on the system so I took to rendering out .png sequences.

      When I render it is quite quick and I dont mind that but when the render finishes AE goes Not Responding and although I havent sat around waiting to see if it eventually comes back - I kill it and start again.

      I am rendering with multiple frames - 12 cores - 2 gig each

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          NimChimpski Level 1

          It is very annoying as it stops rendering when there is a queue without warning that there is anything wrong. When you stop the queue it comes up with a warning dialogue  that is blank because the program has hung before it can put text into the dialogue box.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            You left out the most important part: Which version of AE? if this is AE CC 2014, then try not using PNG and instead use compressed TIFF. PONG is somehow a complete mess in CC 2014...



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              NimChimpski Level 1

              Thanks Mylenium. It is CC2014 fully up to date. I recently discovered how convenient .png is for alphas but I could happily revert to tif or tga. I like image sequence for intermediate media because if there is an interruption then you can easily pick the render back up and not have to start from scratch.


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                NimChimpski Level 1


                I tried changing to tif sequences and it still crashes at the end of the render - with render multiple frames on I have noticed it comes up with an error about missing a frame and changing the memory per CPU settings and auto save seems to want a hand in at the completion of a render too - could it be both colliding? I still cant read the error message as it crashes before it has written it. Maybe avi with alpha  . . . .

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                  NimChimpski Level 1

                  I have been using .avi with alpha - at the end of a render it warns that as a result of multi a frame wasnt rendered then does an autosave then hangs

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                    NimChimpski Level 1

                    it is possible that it doesnt hang if Premiere Pro isnt open. These comps all began life as linked comps that I then took out of the link (or so I thought) so that I could render the media separately to reduce the overhead.