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    Problem importing canon c300 mxf files into Premiere Pro CC 2014


      I recently shot some footage with a c300 at 24fps, slog2, 2 audio chanels. I copied the "contents" folder of each cf card to my macbook pro hard drive by dragging across in finder.

      When I search from within Premiere Pro's media browser for my files, they show up only as VLC icons, and when I click to import them, I get an error message along the lines of 'unsupported format or damaged file".

      I can double click the files in finder and they open in VLC fine.

      I'm running the latest version of Prem Pro, Yosemite on my macbook pro which has 2.8ghz i-7 processor, NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2048 MB graphic card.

      Does anyone know why this is happening?