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    Crashing when rendering as well as using huge amounts of memory

    crashing when rendering

      When i try to render even small movies with basic effects (well photos i've put together into movies not even any videos) my computer crashes. When i go to task manager the memory usage during rendering is huge (even internet browsers with multiple tabs open don't go half that high) easily dwarfing everything else combined, and that's putting it lightly. It is also quite high even when not rendering but i think it's within expected levels for a program like this running on a home computer. I have tried running only adobe after effects and shutting down everything else that wasn't absolutely necessary but that still doesn't help. It doesn't crash immediately but renders for a few minutes and then my computer shuts down. The memory starts skyrocketing the second i hit render and continues to rapidly climb. Once it hits a certain point is when my compute shuts down. The reason i believe is the memory usage gets so high my computer is forced to shut down. I haven't used it in a while so i don't remember the exact amount of memory but im sure it was well over 10,000. It doesn't shut down slowly, my computer screen suddenly goes black and sometimes has trouble starting back up. My laptop is fairly new and pretty fast. i don't believe a super computer is necessary to run adobe after effects. Is there anything i can do to help after effects render successfully? I really don't want to buy a membership if i can't even use it. I could be completely wrong about the memory being the problem so please don't refrain from answering just because your solution has nothing to do with memory.