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    LR: Slow Crop Tool (Retina MBP)


      -Using Lightroom, 2014 Macbook Pro Retina, runs almost instantly for all LR operations

      -However, slow when applying a crop, ~20 seconds (e.g. in Develop module, crop tool, change aspect ratio, move crop area and click 'close')


      -When applying a crop on different resolutions, crops in < 3 secs; great (e.g. 'Best for display' or custom res e.g. 1440x900)

           -Even when using custom resolutions, retina or non-retina, (using autoscript or an app) such as 2560x1600, crop is applied in < 3 secs

           -Only when using 'More Space' (1680x1050) retina option does applying crops slow down


      For others with this 'slow Lightroom cropping' issue, try running your mac at different resolutions [system preferences>displays]


      Any ideas why we are experiencing this odd behaviour?