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    Problems in IE -internet explorer- with Adobe web fonts embedded in EDGE compositions

    juanpol12345 Level 1

      Hi again friends,


      For simplifying the problem: Im trying to create compositions, just some animated texts over video, using adobe web fonts in Edge. In this case using muse to insert them.

      Everything works fine, but after uploading the result compositions, they always work fine in Chrome or Mozilla, but they dont work always fine in Explorer (tested in diferent versions and OSs).


      Frustratingly, sometimes IE display the fonts correctly, some other times changes the font to arial or similar...


      Frustrating example: Two instances of the same composition (only text moving over mp4 video) and sometimes one work fine and the other is changed to arial, some other times both ok, some other both arial.... its crazy.. just refresh, and it changes!!


      If I create a page with only one composition (text over video) it works fine 90-95% of the times in IE. just refreshing... and after some good attempts.. the arial font apperar smiling to me!!!!!


      Any suggestion?

      What can I do?


      Checked with diferent systems using latest versions of Edge and Muse in my job, only in Windows systems.


      Sorry for my english, I hope is well explained...