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    How to install the "Generic Printer" PPD for the Print Booklet setting?




      This is rather urgent. At my university the iMacs used to have the "Generic Printer" option while building a booklet under the "Print Booklet" > "Print settings" > Setup > PPD: Generic Printer, for a Post Script File so we could select any paper size to generate the .ps file. But they've changed the computers and now no one has itm and academic resources will take one month to install the option while I need to generate a booklet for next week. I've noticed some computers (one or two) have the PPD Generic Printer installed and they've explained to us that is a downloadable driver, but we don't really understand how it works. Can someone please tell me where and how I can install this driver so my InDesign will have the PPD: Generic Printer as an option?

      Thank you!