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    How do I import animated gifs into Premiere with a transparent background?

    Hechtagon Level 1

      I have an animated gif that I got from the internet, and I'm trying to import it into Premiere Pro with a transparent background. The gif is of a video game character standing still and blinking. Whenever I import it, it always has a white background, so I need help on how to change that.


      I've gone into Photoshop and removed the white background frame by frame, making it transparent. I do this by using the magic wand tool to select the white background, then hit "delete" to turn it into that diamond grid, which means it's transparent. I then select File -> Save for Web. I preview every frame, and it shows that the backgrounds are transparent. I save it as a gif. But when I import it into Premiere Pro, the white background is still there.


      I've read many forums online about people trying to import images into Premiere Pro with a transparent background, but none of them have explained how to do it specifically for animated gifs. Every answer has always been "export the image as a png, that'll work", and sure enough, I exported a few frames of the gif as pngs, and those few frames had transparent backgrounds in Premiere Pro. But I don't want a png because those aren't animated sequences, those can only be still images. I need to export it as a gif so that it will remain animated, but gif files always have that dreaded white background in Premiere Pro.


      I suppose I could export every frame as a png, import each of those frames into Premiere Pro, then string all the frames together and tweak them so they'll be functionally identical to the animated gif, but that would take forever. I'm making a video project and I need numerous animated gifs to work with, so I don't want to do that with every single one of them. I'm looking for a way to simply import the gifs into Premiere Pro and be done with it. If there is any way to do this, please help me.