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    Photography editing- Cant find edits for photos or catalog!!! PLEASE HELP!

    Josh Brnjac



      Before I start, if anyone can answer this question I would be so grateful. I would cry!


      Ok, so let me start.


      Recently I cleared my whole entire mac and backed up everything on a hard drive. when I reinstalled lightroom on my clean mac, I also imported the catalog that I backed up.  It all worked fine, and this post isn't about a lost catalog, or accidentally deleted photos.


      So, what is hapenning is. When I imported my catalog I got an error message, for all the photos and folders. this:


      Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 5.12.51 pm.png

      So I found re-finding the folder, or finding the "missing file location" (which is so annoying because I wished Lightroom just backed up the pictures along with the catalog). But when I found the folder, only some photos showed up and some still displayed the exclamation mark. Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 5.13.22 pm.png

      Now I do have all the photos with the exclamation marks in folders on my backup hard drive, BUT they are all unedited raw versions. I honestly cannot go back and edit 2000 photos, especially after me having to clean all of the photos when my camera had over 30 spots of sensor dust on the photos. So those backup photos are what lightroom backed up, but I want to know how I can recover the photos in the lightroom catalog with the edits APPLIED.



      May I PLEASEE get help on this. I am SO STUCK and do not want to mess up ANYTHING at all!



      I would appreciate so much for ANY help! PLEASE!



      Kind regards,