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    Why does "export as a catalog" crash when following directions?

    Satchmo46Bill Level 1

      These are my steps: I select a set of folders, then all the photos, then "export as a catalog", choosing to export "smart Previews", and not "export negative files".  The process starts off fine with a flash window saying so, followed by the upper left progress bars tooting along. Unfortunately, after a while the screen says Lightroom has crashed. I restart Lightroom and then immediately close Lightroom with an integrity check and catalog optimization each time and get no warnings about problems. Have followed the procedure four times, with identical results, twice after a complete reboot. In short, "export as a catalog' fails catastrophically, not politely.


      My computer setup: LR 5.7, Windows 8.1 x64, 32GB of memory, latest Intel chip, OS on SSD, saving (trying to export to) to large, on same SATA controller, mechanical drive. Hoping to eventually save to USB 3 drive. Windows Resource Monitor shows "free" memory at all points in the process. Have second SSD for camera Raw cache fwiw.


      Lightroom status: LR catalog has ~110,000 photos. Successfully created "Smart Previews" for all photos before trying the Export as a Catalog process. About 20% of the 110,000 photos are from Nikon D800 and are RAW/DNG, thus large. The size of the "negative files" is about 1.8TB. The size of the Smart previews catalog is 109GB.


      Other, probably related problems: When I select (control A) the 110,000 photos, LR becomes very sluggish. Click selecting the menu has erratic and delayed selection. Eventually, I am able to select the menu items and initiate the "export as a catalog." Otherwise, everything operates "normally."


      My concern is that it appears that Lightroom cannot handle 110,000 photos, but I am hoping that some other explanation might exist.


      Bill Bane