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    Audio not playing on timeline in CS4


      Hi Everyone, Sub: Audio not playing in AE CS4.


      I'm trying to author a video sequence with audio in AE CS4. It has to be synced bit by bit, mean to say voice to be matched to the video/sequence of animation.


      But im getting a huge problem here, my video works but my audio is not working i can't hear audio at all... i tried importing audio in mp3, mp4 & wav format but no solution i face the same problem. But outside CS4 the audio play very fine, i even used many device to test the audio everywhere the audio is working fine.. and my system hardware(Sound) are up-to-date.


      i browsed google and tried all kind of solution provided there but no use. i used numpad+0 for voice but every time it starts from beginning like a ram preview. It is difficult from to adjust the voice in between/ sync to it exactly. I changed the settings by going to preferences and output but no use


      I badly need a solution... or i want to know CS4 is best or not or can't be used for authoring purpose. I feel its best for me to edit, author it and fast.


      Please guide me out of this problem, thanks in advance.