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    problem after deployment of flash player 15 by GPO for non admin user




      I've a probleme for updating my flash player on my company.


      I try to update flash to computer in my active directory with the msi files.


      flash active x : > no problem


      The problem is for the plug in version in firefox version (last version)


      The update seems ok, because i can see the program on the control pannel of all the systems.


      But the difference is on the plug ins tab of firefox : i don't see the "shockwave plug in" for non admin users.


      If i uninstall the program and reinstall manually the package : just the users with admin privilege have the "shockwave plug in" on firefox...


      For the moment, the solution i've found is to give temporary the admin privilege to users in order to install the update... But it is not a good solution...

      Have you goy any idea for this problem?


      Thank you.