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    Problem opening my Lightroom catalog...

    morristaub Level 1

      I'm using Lr 5.7. I'm on a macbook pro, 10.9.5. I've got 4gb of ram.


      For the first time I'm having problems when I open Lightoom. I'll get the splash window and then nothing. I'll have to force quit. I've repaired permissions a few times. A few times I've had to restart my computer to get lightroom working.


      Is this a known problem? I tried doing a search but I guess I'm not wording it correctly because I'm getting no other topics like this.


      I've been using Lr since the beginning and I've never had any problems opening the program before. Never. I think this might have happened once or twice in Lr 5.6, but I'm not sure. But now. Using lightroom 5.7 it's happening just about every time I want to re-open the program. Not good.


      thanks for any advice, or pointing me at discussions about this that are already ongoing.