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    activating an old version of PhotoShop



      I just recently had my computer cleaned up, de-bugged, etc.  When I got it back and tried using Photoshop CS 8.0, I got this message:

      "Your computer's configuration appears to have changed since the last time this product was activate.  To continue using product, please click OK to activate again."

      That link took me to an activation box.  Only when I try the automated activation, it does not work and I do not get an activation code.  The telephone activation number provided doesn't work, and has a message saying it no longer does telephone activation and refers me to the website.  When I tried an Adobe help chat, I was told the activation count for the product is shut down and was referred to this forum.

      When I asked if there was a phone number I could call for help, I was told no.

      This is VERY frustrating!