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    When I try to make a time lapse in lightroom it cuts off the end of the video


      In Lightroom 5, (It came with Photoshop Creative Cloud), I upload a series of photos, edit them together, then select slideshow and a Template Bowers - User Template - 23.97fps Time-lapse, downloaded from, https://www.youtube.com/redirect?q=http%3A%2F%2Flightroom-blog.com%2Fpresets%2Flrtimelapse .zip&redir_token=U79NuJdMuv4axu4RigPjzH5hxpd8MTQxNzI1NjExM0AxNDE3MTY5NzEz

      I then export the video it processes like normal. BUT when I watch it back it misses out the end of videos. I am an  A-Level Student and I need to use this for my course, please Help.


      Alex O'Sullivan