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    Transparency unknown

    sh_internet Level 1


      I have a situation in my project which I cannot fix anymore.


      I have created a new project and have already setup background image and text boxes. One of the textboxes should start with transparency (Deckkraft) 0% at 0:03,750.

      In the attached screenshot, you see the yellow marked text box and its transparency (Deckkraft) if I hover with the mouse over the current time spot (0:02,500).
      The first defined transparency change is at 0:03,750 with value 0%.


      So, I don't know why the time span between 0:00,000 and 0:03,750 is like in a transition (up to 100%).

      There is no any other object in this time frame.





      PS: I know I could delete the textbox and insert a new one but this seems to be an error.