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    Special characters

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      Anyone, Please provide the script for the below requirement.


      My word document is in coding format. (see below)

      ;uumlaut        ü

      ;eacute           é

      ;egrave           è

      ;h1          H1

      ;h2          H2

      ;text       Text

      ;bl           Bull List

      ;nl           Number List

      ;title       Sec Title


      For example

      ;umlaut need to convert into ü character etc..

      ;h1 and  ;h2 need to convert into H1, H2 paragraph styles. etc...


      My document having more than 100 special characters & more than 50 styles...


      Now i am find and replace all the special characters and paragraph styles manually...


      Anyone please provide the script for this requirement.


      1) Replace all the coding text into special characters.

      2) Replace all the coding text into Styles.