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    Zoom works wrong after updating AI CC 2014

    Razomni Level 1

      I'm writing plugin in MFC, and one of my dialogs has zoom button. Pressing on it zoomes the view for 1.5x. The code below worked fine, until I update my illustator. to 18.0.1


      AIDocumentViewHandle currView;

      AIErr error;

      error = sAIDocumentViewSuite->GetNthDocumentView(0, &currView);

      AIReal currZoom;

      error = sAIDocumentViewSuite->GetDocumentViewZoom(currView, &currZoom);

      currZoom *= 1.5;

      error = sAIDocumentViewSuite->SetDocumentViewZoom(currView, currZoom);


      Now, I can only see the percentage of zooming, but the view stays unzoomed. But when I close my dialog, the view zooms to needed proportions.

      Any suggestions?