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    Zoom works wrong after updating AI CC 2014


      I'm writing plugin in MFC, and one of my dialogs has zoom button. Pressing on it zoomes the view for 1.5x. The code below worked fine, until I update my illustator. to 18.0.1


      AIDocumentViewHandle currView;

      AIErr error;

      error = sAIDocumentViewSuite->GetNthDocumentView(0, &currView);

      AIReal currZoom;

      error = sAIDocumentViewSuite->GetDocumentViewZoom(currView, &currZoom);

      currZoom *= 1.5;

      error = sAIDocumentViewSuite->SetDocumentViewZoom(currView, currZoom);


      Now, I can only see the percentage of zooming, but the view stays unzoomed. But when I close my dialog, the view zooms to needed proportions.

      Any suggestions?