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    Help outlining outlined fonts!!


      I trying to outline the fonts in a couple of documents but when I use the 'Type - Create Outlines' method it is outlining the fonts but the cursor can still select them (and when I select them again I get an error saying: "please select one or more characters that can be converted to outlines" - I've even tried 'CTRL + A' to get everything on the layout but no joy!) and they are still visible in the 'Find Fonts Panel'. They are also still mentioned in the document settings of the PDF I prepared when I view in Acrobat.


      They are documents I inherited from another designer so I am finding it difficult to figure out what the problem is. I have also used the transparency flattener option but it keeps crashing my machine (I'm on an old computer with not a lot of RAMM at the moment).


      Any help would be much appreciated.

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          John Mensinger Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This has to do with the active selection when you issue the Create Outlines command. If you have text selected (Type tool active; text highlighted) the result is different than if you issue the command with the text frame selected (clicked with the Select tool).

          • Text selected: The text is converted to outlines, but the original text frame is retained and each line of outlined type becomes a group which is anchored in the text frame. (This is what you've done. The text frame and its "child" formatting [font, leading, etc.] live on, and the Type tool can be used to swipe-select through the anchored objects; which is normal behavior for anchored objects.)
          • Text Frame selected: The text is converted to outlines and grouped; the original text frame, including its child formatting, is deleted. This method leaves "pure" non-text objects.
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            Alidesign Level 1

            Thank you so much for the speedy reply. I have tried it both ways and got the same result. I even converted the bullets to text and got rid of any text boxes with a colour background so I could select all the text frames and outline that way. There is also no text on the master and when I go through all the fonts in the 'find fonts' dialog box it highlights all the fonts throughout the document. There are tables in the document - could this be something to do with it? I fear there may be some imported formatting that is going on in the background or possibly a mac to pc issue.


            UPDATE: I have discovered that it is the only text in the tables that are not outlining. When I select the text box that has the table in it and convert it to outlines it duplicates the text and pastes it directly over the table covering the non outlined text. That is why the font finder is highlighting - it's actually highlighting the text underneath the outlined font. Have you any suggestion on how best to move forward with this? Is there a way to extract the table from the text frame?

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              John Mensinger Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Well, beyond explaining the standard behaviors as I did previously, I can really only say this:


              Converting all the live type in a document to outlines simply isn't an intended workflow, and you might want to examine the reason(s) you (think you) have for attempting it. If someone has instructed you to do so, they are mistaken. Based on your posts, you seem to be attempting something you shouldn't.


              So my point is that it's difficult to "troubleshoot" an operation that the application isn't designed to perform. The feature is included for those rare occasions when it's advantageous to convert a small amount of text to a graphic for the purposes of manipulating it ways that aren't compatible with live type. Converting larger amounts of paragraphical text to outlines essentially negates all the typesetting features at the core of InDesign's purpose, not to mention the design characteristics of the font itself. Why is it your intent?

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                Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

                Don't outline any font!

                This is not recommended and a bed workflow.

                Embed all images in an exported PDF. There is no reason to outline text.