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    Purchase standalone, perpetual license for Lightroom 5.x

    dcdudley Level 1

      Each time I've sought to purchase a standalone, perpetual license for Adobe Lightroom 5.x, I reach the point where I'm directed to press a yellow "Checkout" button—but doing so has no effect. I've attempted this same transaction on multiple platforms (e.g. Mac OS X, Windows, Linux) all to no avail, suggesting the problem is not on the buy-side of the transaction, but on the sell-side.


      Generally, that's when a sales or tech support person offers to "chat" by way of resolving the matter; consequently, a straightforward 5-minute transaction is belabored for an hour...or two, in a recent case. It's unlikely I'm the only Adobe customer with the sense of being forcibly herded into the "Creative Cloud Corral," and I expect there's resentment building among longstanding customers that the Adobe marketing plan of first resort should be the "carrot-and-stick" approach...without a carrot.


      Perhaps I've overlooked an integral step in the process which leaves me unable to complete the transaction? If so, I'd be grateful for guidance. But the hovering "chat-angels" have reviewed my tracks without indicating how or where I went wrong...instead, they take over from their end and eventually I'm again herded to market. Many thanks, DCD