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    I just had this chat but the session ended before we were finished. Can I get an answer here?

    hans owe

      You are now chatting with Neema.

      Neema: Hello! Welcome to Adobe Design Specialist team.

      Neema: how may i help you today?

      Neema: may i know what version of pagemaker file you are trying to open?

      Hans Owe Dorfh: PageMaker 7!

      Neema: you can open pagemaker 7 files in cs6

      Neema: with the same subscription,you can download cs6 and then try to open the file

      Hans Owe Dorfh: What is cs6?

      Neema: its a version of indeisgn

      Hans Owe Dorfh: Do you mean that this is an earlier version of InDesign, with which I can open PageMaker-documents? Where can I get that, and can I get it for free, when I have now bought Creative Cloud?

      Neema: thats Right.

      Neema: thats not for free

      Neema: if you have subscription for cc,you can download all version of indesign,cs6,cc and cc 2014

      Hans Owe Dorfh: As I said, I have just bought the complete version of Adobe CreativeCloud, with access to 28 programs, amongst other benefits, just to be able to open and work with old PageMaker-documents, which I was promised would work. Now you tell me, that I have to buy yet another version of inDesign, cs6? That can't be true...?

      Hans Owe Dorfh: Sorry I answered to quickly!

      Neema: no Hans

      Hans Owe Dorfh: Where do I order cs6?

      Neema: you dont have to purchase another version of indesign

      Neema: please launch creative cloud

      Neema: scroll down

      Neema: you will see find new apps and next to that you will see filters and version,click on the arrow and choose  previous version.

      Neema: you will see indeisgn cs6 as an install available

      Neema: are we connected?

      Neema: Are we still connected?

      Neema: Since we have not heard from you for some time, we will now end this chat. 

      Neema: Please click to chat with us again if we can be of further assistance.

      Hans Owe Dorfh: Sorry, I was away for a while. When I scroll down to the bottom of the list I see "Touch App plugins". Shall I install that?

      Neema: please launch creative cloud desktop application

      Neema: and click on apps section

      Hans Owe Dorfh: Sorry again, but how do I launch creative cloud desktop application? Isn't that the window with the list of programs from where I chose programs to install? I just installed  "Touch App plugins", but now I can't find it on my computer...