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    .MTS files (all of a sudden) aren't working!

    g7sharp9 Level 1

      Ok, I'm on a Mac, Premiere Pro CC 2014 version 8.1 (81 build)


      Yesterday all of my files were working fine - today, no.


      When I open a file that contains an .mts file (which are all of my projects), I first get an error message that there is an audio filter missing:#1.png

      and then there are files 'missing' even though they are exactly where Premiere thinks they are.  When I try to re-import those same files, it give me another error saying that it has an unsupported compression type:



      The files are .mts files from my Canon XA20, which have worked fine up till this point. The .mov files that I have are working fine, but anything with the .mts extension doesn't work at all.


      Another project doesn't say that there's an error, but there is no video with the audio (as noted in the 'source' window):




      What just happened?!  Everything was fine yesterday.  I can't work on any of my projects now.


      Please help - thanks!!