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    Debugging with External Browser and Flex Builder


      I have Flex application that requires you login first in IE before you can have access to it (ouside the application)

      I would like to debug this application but when I start the application from Flex Builder , it is always opening new IE window

      How to attach Flex builder debug session to an existing IE session (that was authenticated already)

      I tried going to Window/Preferences/Web Browser and tell it to use 'External IE Browser' but that did not work

      any help is appreciated


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          mike_morearty Level 1
          Hi Kasem,

          If you go to the launch configuration dialog for your project, you can set the launch URL to any URL you want -- you can set it to point to your login page.

          The quickest way to get to the launch config dialog is to click the Run or Debug toolbar button, and then CONTROL-click on the launch configuration you want to edit, But you can also get to it from the Run menu.