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    Why does my video clip show in the program monitor only when it is playing (the program monitor is blank otherwise)?


      I am using WIndows 7 64 bit, and the most recent version of Premiere Pro CC on an I7 machine with 8GB of memory.  I have imported a HD .mov clip and placed it on the timeline.  When I press 'Play', it shows in the Program Monitor window.  When I stop the playing, the window goes blank.  I have rendered the clip (it has a yellow bar above it).  Even after rendering, the yellow bar remains and the sequence only displays when it is playing.  The source monitor has the same behavior. 


      Not being able to see where I am in a clip is making editing very difficult.  I have used Premiere Elements for five years, I have taken the Lynda.com course, so I have some familiarity with the program that suggests that the frame at the point of the CTI should show in the program and source monitors.


      What do I need to do to be able to see the frame in the monitors when it isn't playing?


      Update:  I spent 35 minutes with Tushar in a technical support chat (case number: 0186148124), during which time we deleted the contents of the Media cache folder in C:/Users/Your User Account/AppData/Roaming/Adobe/Common file (after using task manager to close coresync32.exe and creativecloud32.exe) and renamed both the Adobe folder and the 8.0 folder in Documents/Adobe/Premiere Pro/8.0.  This didn't get it, but was necessary for the next step:

      Going to the File menu, Project Settings, and selecting 'General Settings', Tushar had me change the Renderer to Mercury Playback Engine Software Only (I don't have a GPU accelerator video card yet).  I received a warning that all previews would be deleted, which I accepted.  That brought the image back to the Program Monitor.


      I've posted this for anyone who may experience a similar challenge in the future.  Despite a lot of Google searching before I contacted Tech Support, I didn't find anything even close to the description of the problem.  I hope this provides that source for future searchers.