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    camera raw update. Now Photoshop cc, cs6, Bridge cc will not open raw anymore


      Did the update for camera raw 11-26-2014, Now as stated in headline. Only the Lightroom update is working. Photoshop goes threw the motions, little cycle. then just sets there. Nothing loads, the cycle goes away. and nothing. Bridge just freezes, Photoshop cs6 Nothing. 

      At first the update did not work on bridge or Photoshop cc. got a error. had to do a work around to get it to install from cloud by renamimg a folder 1.0 and letting cloud re-create it. then the update worked.

      But tried the camera raw right after the first update with error.

      that's when Raw stopped working. But even after a successful update. It still don't work.


      Note: before tempting this update. It all worked. now the only raw editor working is lightroom 5.7 Raw 8.7.


      Yes rebooted, yes researched and found nothing.


      Windows pc

      windows 7


      Thank you in advance